Friday, June 18, 2010

HaPpy BiRthDay BiG siSter!!

I would like to throw a shout out to thee most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, talented, caring, and only sister I have! Today is her special day and she knows how horrible I am with birthday's. I always appreciate the love and thought she puts into everyone else's special day, so I thought I would send her something a little different! If you know me very well, I am not much of a blogger... unless it is something I feel is important. That means you are very special Kolbi!!!
As you know, I am going to school right now-meaning I am broke- AND, I am in Idaho. Nothing exciting comes from either of those. So, I put my creative cap on and made a very unique birthday present for mi Sista!!

I hope you have an incredible birthday Kolbi, you deserve it!! As you can see I went and got a diet coke and cookies from McDonald's in celebration of your birth!! I love you so much, you are an amazing example to me and I couldn't have asked for a better sister as a role model!


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TyandKolbi said...

I had to go find a computer in the lobby of our hotel....Found one....haha! Thank you so much! I love seeing you enjoying the Idaho landscape. It is actually quite pretty! I had a good a Diet Coke at Mickey Dee's, laid by the pool, ate yummy food (Pastry Pub) and went on a nice little evening hike. Lovely. Wish you were here with me!

Muchas gracias, mi hermana. Yo te amo. Talk to you tomorrow!