Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So I know I haven't blogged in a really long time and I figure I better do something before my Mom and the rest of my family starts to get mad! There is so much that has changed since last time I posted something... As of right now I am currently at BYU-Jerusalem studying, and loving every minute of it! The schooling is really hard, but it is definitely worth it! There are so many great, smart, pretty and talented people here. They are so fun and I can only imagine what we are going to be like in 3 more months.

So far we have visited many sites such as: The garden tomb, the field where David slung Goliath, lots of caves, different points that overlook Jerusalem, and many other sites that relate to the Old testament! It really has been so much fun and I will definitely try to keep up my blogging now that I have officially started AGAIN!

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Kelsey said...

You finally updated your blog!! Yay! This way I can blog stalk you and find out how you're doing! And it sounds like you're doing just great over there in Jerusalem. That's so awesome. Try and keep in touch any way you can k? I love you and miss you! Have fun :)